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Enterprises rely on IBM's WebSphere Application Server to quickly build complex applications and highly scalable transaction services. As such, the business criticality of these J2EE applications has grown. WebSphere's importance will continue to expand as businesses look to Web services as the next evolution of application architectures. Trusting your business to this future means that IT must guarantee a quality end-user experience by managing the application server and application components' performance. This challenge is daunting because proactive administration of complex and dynamic component interactions is required. It can be overcome because a solution is now available to help IT proactively manage the availability and performance of WebSphere Application Server and deployed applications. This article looks at the challenges of managing these complex envi... (more)

From 500 to 1500 Managed JVMs Without Increasing Staff

Recently I listened to a large enterprise customer talk about their four years of experience with IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager (ITCAM).  They noted that ITCAM had proved to be extremely valuable from the standpoint of proactively troubleshooting production applications.  Which is what I expected to hear. After all, ITCAM enables you to do both: End-to-end monitoring, so you can better understand how your customers are experiencing the application, and Detailed diagnostic monitoring you'll need for the truly gnarly performance problems. However, I wasn't expecting the... (more)

DevOps, ITIL and Enterprise Adoption

I read two interesting articles last week. No operations team left behind where John Vincent wants folks to realize that enterprise IT organizations can only take baby steps on their way to adopting DevOps.  He is right, getting any large enterprise to change any of their processes is not for the faint-of-heart.  Most enterprises are using some version of ITIL processes for managing and auditing their infrastructure and applications. This means that enterprises would have to change those processes to adopt a DevOps approach -- which is the reason I thought it was interesting that... (more)

Business Agility Depends on DevOps

True business agility is not about doing more application updates faster.  True business agility is about doing more application changes faster without sacrificing the application's performance or service quality. From my perspective, achieving that second part of business agility means preventing application performance and service quality problems.  For the longest time IT operations have focused solely on remediating problems, which is not the same thing.  When someone's focus is on remediation, they quickly realize that it is easier to remediate problems when the environment ... (more)

A Tale of Microprocessors and DevOps

At an IBM analyst event earlier this week, Steve Mills, IBM Senior VP & Group Executive, Software and Systems, made some interesting observations about how the microprocessor industry makes no distinction between design and fabrication anymore. He noted that it is simply impossible to produce new high density, high performance microprocessors without tightly integrating fabrication know-how into the creative design process. While discussions about microprocessors are somewhat nostalgic for me (reminds me of my college goals of working at Intel as a materials scientist), I think M... (more)